3 ways Companies Can Advance Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Beyond Their Own Four Walls.

B Siddharth Rao | Leadership | Delhi To ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion take hold inside your organization, remember to focus on external shareholders, too. B Siddharth Rao Most business leaders, when they set out to build a DEI strategy, focus their attention inside their organisations—on things like hiring policies, strategies for retaining and advancing […]


Six AI Trends To watch in 2022.

B Siddharth Rao |Delhi |Latest tech news Artificial intelligence isn’t a new technology, but its impact is only starting to be felt, as businesses and individuals begin to understand the possibilities that AI can offer. AI is set to transform business like never before, creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs, business leaders and workers in every […]

An architectural design approach

AbstractThis chapter details the importance of architectural thinking and design in developing a digital video surveillance or physical security system. It outlines the process from requirements gathering to network implementation and provides insight into the value of a lead architect, who accepts accountability for the technical solution through the iterative process of definition and execution. […]

Solution Architect: Processes, Role Description, Responsibilities, and Certifications

In a rapidly changing technology environment, organizations face the need to transform their processes and systems to meet emerging business requirements. This digital transformation demands specific expertise and a set of practices to align business focus with technology solutions. Solution architecture belongs to the list of most important practices executed before any tech solution development begins. In […]

The definitive guide to solution architecture !

Introduction Over the past decade, digital trends like cloud computing and service-oriented applications have led to new market opportunities across all industries. However, these changes also come with unique challenges and add complexity to the digital landscape of an organization. And when new solutions aren’t perfectly tailored to an enterprise, they yield unsatisfying results and create unwanted […]


The meaning of the term “graphic design” varies,.. based on who you ask. Graphic design is generally referred to as the art of integrating text, colours, fonts, and illustrations into different products. In some years back a graphic design company normally dealt with signage and magazines, today they also include brochure and website design to […]