SEO-Friendly Content

It’s no secret that SEO and content are closely linked.

In general, the better content you put out there, the higher you’ll rank. It’s (obviously) not that simple. But it’s a good rule of thumb to follow as you write content for SEO.

With that, here are more details on how to create SEO-friendly content.

Creating Content for Product and Service Pages

Content for product and service pages should still be high-quality. But that doesn’t mean that you want your product pages to read like blog posts.

In fact, the main goal of your product pages should be to convert browsers into leads and customers. That’s why you want your product pages to focus on the features and benefits that your product offers.

For example look at the bio-metric homepage .

Baremetrics homepage for seo friendly content
Picture credit : baremetrics

In many ways, even though this isn’t a blog post or article, it’s still high-quality content. As you can see, the well-designed page outlines key product features.

Now I’d like to share a few examples of the type of high-quality content that’s working really well in 2021.

So someone searching for a Product Keyword like “revenue forecasting software” would get a lot of value from this page… even though the main goal of the page is to get you to sign up for a trial.

Bottom line? Make your product page content as helpful as possible. But don’t forget that conversions should be your #1 goal.

Creating high-quality blog content .

When most people say things like “content is king”, they’re talking about the type of insanely useful content that gets published on blogs.

(In other words: not content that you’d find on most product and services pages.)

And there’s no doubt that producing awesome content can help improve your Google rankings.

In fact, HubSpot found that businesses that publish content on a regular basis get 350% more traffic than those that don’t put as much effort into their content marketing.

Graph indexing my inbound blog traffic

I’m living proof that this approach works.

Thanks to a commitment to publishing high-quality content, my site gets 553,682 search engines visitors every month:

And I wouldn’t get NEARLY as much traffic if I just slapped up a bunch of product pages and hoped that Google ranked them. That’s not how SEO works in 2021.

To succeed with search engine optimization today, your site needs to put out AMAZING stuff on a consistent basis. Anything less simply won’t cut it.

In fact, the latest stats from WordPress reveal that 70 million blog posts come out every month:

And that’s just WordPress. People also publish millions of posts on Medium, Shopify and other platforms.

Bottom line? For your content to stand out (and rank) in 2021, it needs to be exceptional. Otherwise, it’s going to get buried by the millions of posts that come out every single day.


Now I’d like to share a few examples of the type of high-quality content that’s working really well in 2021.

Complete lists

Complete Lists are where you compile a comprehensive list of tips, items, techniques, recipes… or just about anything you can think of.

These are valuable because you’re curating items from lots of different sources. So instead of having to read one post with 20 tips and another post with 15 tips, your content gives people everything they need on a single page.

For example, I published this list of 170+ link building strategies on my blog a while back:

Link building strategies by BACKLINKO

Thanks to my Complete List, you now have one-stop shopping for all things link building.

And because my content provides so much value, 935 different websites have linked to it.

This post also brings in over 4,500 targeted visitors to my website every month.

Step-by-step guides

Detailed step-by-step guides are as old as the internet itself. And they can still work GREAT.

For example this SEO strategy guide on my blog has done really well.

How to create and implement an effective seo

I made sure to go into super-duper in-depth on every step.

How to create a backlink on your page

That way, my content stood out from most other SEO strategy posts that left out key details.

So yeah, you want each step to be SUPER detailed. That way, your content will stand out from the other step-by-step guides already out there.

This single page generates 2,771 organic search visitors every month:

Content with data

BuzzSumo reviewed 100 million posts as part of their “Content Trends Report”.

Research report for buzzsumo
Research report buzzsumo

They found that it’s harder than ever to get people to share and link to the content. Why? The amount of content that’s come out since 2015 has exploded, making it harder to stand out.

On a more positive note, they discovered that “authoritative research and reference content continues to gain links.”.

In other words: content with data is still working really well.
I’ve noticed this with the content on my blog.

For example, in 2016 I published these two blog posts:

One was a case study:

How to get more organic traffic
Picture credit : BACKLINKO

The other was a piece of original research packed with data:

Picture credit backlinko

Which do you think did better?

To date, my case study has 603 links:

But my data-driven guide has 22.5K links:

That’s the good news. The bad news is that creating this type of data-driven content can be really tricky.

But if you’re up to the challenge, this article will show you how to get started with original research content.

Complete guides

Complete guides are similar to the Complete Lists that we talked about earlier.

The big difference is that with a Complete Guide you’re not necessarily outlining a massive list of tips or examples. Instead, you’re covering every angle there is on a given topic.

Yes, you still want to cover actionable strategies. But the main goal is to give someone everything they need to know about a topic on a single page.

For example:

I mentioned my Complete List of link-building strategies earlier.

For someone looking for a massive list of actionable techniques, this is a great piece of content. But what about someone that wants to understand what link building is? Or why building backlinks is important for SEO?

My list post wouldn’t help them.

That’s why I also created a thorough guide to link building.

Yup, this guide does contain a few strategies. But the focus is to help people fully understand the topic “link building”.

Contents of chapters
Contents of the updated chapters

Pro Tip: Cover new, trending topics to boost the odds that your guide stands out.

For example, this guide to the Ketogenic Diet came out in 2013… just as the keto movement was starting to gain traction.

Picture credit.:

Because this guide was one of the first of its kind, hundreds of bloggers in the Paleo space linked to it and shared it on social media.

To be continued ..

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