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20 Best Logo Design Courses Online (Free & Paid)


Want to learn logo design online? We’ve compiled the best logo design courses online for you.There’s certainly no shortage of logo design and branding courses, classes, training videos, or tutorials online, making it difficult to choose what’s right for you.

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To help this process, I’ve compiled the best logo courses online based on my experience as a brand designer and by asking other experts in the field. There are courses from industry veterans; Debbie Millman, Aaron Draplin, Sagi Haviv, Bill Gardner, Von Glitchka, Chris Do, and many more. When choosing your course, take into consideration the value, cost, length, and content of each course, and the fact that some options are subscriptions, meaning you will get access to multiple courses and instructors. The top half of this article features my hand-picked & curated list of the top 10 logo design courses online (both free and paid) and further below are ten more logo design courses.

Top 10 Logo Design Courses (Free & Paid)

These are the top free and paid logo design courses online for the cost and time required to complete the course/video found below.

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  1. LogoCore Masterclass (includes 10% Discount and 65% off Adobe CC) — Editor’s Choice
  2. Graphic Design & Branding Specialization Course on Coursera (6 months)
  3. Logo Design Masterclass on Udemy
  4. Learning Logo Design with Von Glitschka on LinkedIn Learning
  5. Logo Design Development with Bill Gardner on LinkedIn Learning
  6. Aaron Draplin Teaches Logo Design on Skillshare
  7. Logo Design for Your Small Business with Matthew Jervis on CreativeLive
  8. Logo Design & Construction Course with Chris Do on TheFutur
  9. Logo Design From Concept to Presentation with Sagi Haviv on Domestika
  10. Professional Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator on Udemy
Please take note you will need software such as Adobe Illustrator or an alternative to learn logo design. Click here for 65% off  Adobe Illustrator.

1. LogoCore Masterclass (includes 10% discount + 65% off Adobe Creative Cloud) – Editor’s Choice

LogoCore Masterclass. Image credit: LogoCore

Price: $72-$320 | Course Duration: 15-20 hours

The LogoCore Masterclass is the most in-depth & best online logo course available, perfect for beginners and intermediate designers looking to learn logo design. You will learn to master Adobe Illustrator, learn grid structures, how to vectorise a logo, how to present design work, create a style guide, build a creative brief, get valuable feedback, animate logos and so much more. They also have a mentorship program.Get an exclusive 10% discount with coupon code ‘JUST10’. Simply enter the coupon at checkout. The best part? You get 65% off Adobe Creative Cloud as you qualify as a student

2. Coursera (Extensive 6 Month Design & Branding Course)

Graphic Design Specialization. Image credit: Coursera

Price: 7-day free trial, then $49/month |Duration: 6 Months

If you’re wanting to a deeper dive into design fundamentals, typography, branding and logo design you should enroll in Coursera’s Graphic Design Specialization Course in association with California Institute of the Arts. The course goes over six months and costs $49 a month, and has a closing course ‘Brand a New Brand’ which puts all your new skills into practice.

3. Logo Design Masterclass on Udemy

Logo Design Masterclass. Image credit: Udemy

Price: $10 (Exclusive partner price – 90% off!) | Duration: 8-15 hours to complete

The Logo Design Masterclass on Udemy uses a hands-on approach to learning Adobe Illustrator and logo design as a whole. This course contains 13 sections and 85 lectures, so it’s packed with value! In addition to understanding the qualities of an effective logo, I also love that you learn about:

  1. Working with clients and conducting research to give them the logo they desire
  2. Formulating and sketching your logo ideas
  3. Creating, editing, and finalizing your logo in Illustrator (There is a heavy focus on this)

4. LinkedIn Learning (Formerly Lynda

LinkedIn Learning. Image source: Linkedin

Price: 1 month free trial then $59/month with LinkedIn Premium |  Duration: 1-2 hours per video

There are two great teachers on LinkedIn Learning that I recommend you check out; Von Glitschka and Bill Gardner, both heavy-weights in the design industry.

By Glitschka (Learning Logo Design)

Von’s 2.5hr class ‘Learning Logo Design‘ is packed full of juicy tips, not just for creating logos but the actual business of design; determining scope, quoting, naming, crafting identities and brand systems, pitching your work, style guides, and much more. Von also has 6 other classes available. Bill Gardner (Logo Development Series)
Currently, Bill has 10+ tutorials on logo design, but I recommended to start on his ‘Logo Development‘ series which goes into the fundamentals of logo design. Bill actually goes into the of value of preparation and research before getting into the creative side of things, discovering the motivations behind a client’s decision to rebrand as well as competitor analysis. A higher level look at the logo design process.

5. Skillshare

Price: 2 months free trial then $10-$20 / month |  Duration: 30 minutes to 2 hours per video

For a quick dip into logo design, Skillshare offer short classes on logo design. Although these classes are a great way to wet your toes, they don’t offer a holistic solution to learning brand design, but they are perfect for learning & refining particular skills. For an energy-packed class, be sure to watch Aaron Draplin’s logo design tutorials.

6. CreativeLive

Price: $39/monthly pass or $25/month with a yearly subscription | Duration: 3-5 hours per module

CreativeLive offer a number of logo design & branding tutorials from a variety of different teachers. Like Skillshare, these vary in scope and quality and are shorter in length.If you’re a business owner (non-designer) and are looking to learn the basics for your own “DIY logo”, check out this class on logo design for your small business.

7. Futur – Logo Design & Construction Course

Logo Design and Construction Course. Image credit: Futur

Price: $149 |  Duration: 2 hours per module (x6)

This Logo Design & Construction course from The Futur, teaches you the creative process of logo design and “best practices from design professionals who charge $10k+”. There are 6 modules that explore the different types of logo design; letter marks, monoline logos, word mark logos, symbols, combination marks and crests. The Futur also have a number of free logo design videos on YouTube.

8. Logo Design: From Concept to Presentation with Sagi Haviv (Domestika)

Logo Design: From Concept to Presentation. Image credit: Domestika

Duration: 2h 33m | Course Content: 16 Lessons, 12 Additional Resources

Taught by Sagi Haviv, the Logo Design: From Concept to Presentation course is designed to teach you how to break through some of the myths about design and will help improve not only to designs you create but also your portfolio. By the end of the two-and-a-half-hour course, by working on a logo and identity for a client, you’ll not only explore who you are as a graphic designer but also a better and even more focused one. One with all tools you need to design an incredible logo and sell it.

Top Free Logo Design Courses Online

Want to know how to learn logo design for free? Here is the best free course to learn logo design online:

Professional Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator

Professional Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator. Image credit: Udemy

Price: Free | Duration: 8 hours

In Professional Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator, created by Rawson Uddin, students are given access to over seven hours of on-demand video courses, as well as full lifetime access and receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course. The only recommended requirement is to have a basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator as the course is an advanced lesson. Throughout the course, you will learn about a plethora of topics that can help you design your own logo or maybe even start a logo design business on the side. These topics include:

  • How to choose the right typeface
  • Using simple shapes in a design
  • Designing with negative space
  • Choosing colors for the logo
  • Adding other effects to your logo design

Along with the course, you can download a working file to practice with as you go through the course. All in all, the Professional Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator provides a robust class for those looking to start designing logos.

How to choose the best Logo Design course for you

Choosing to take an online course to learn logo design or the business of design is a very honorable thing to do. Like you, I understand that time, money and many other factors can keep you from picking one course to take over another.I hope that the courses showcased here can give you some idea of some of the best paid & free logo design courses available online today.

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